Wednesday, 28 September 2011


should I just move over there anyway?

(he shouts into the void)


Teeth's album WHATEVER what I produced is OUT NOW IN ALL MAJOR OUTLETS!!!
It looks like this:

and YOU CAN BUY mp3s HERE or HERE or HERE or GET IT ON CD HERE with a free bonus thing, and although you may have tired of such antiquated disc-based formats the box is really very nice indeed so make the effort yes?

And you can stream the whole thing if you need to like, check how amazing it is before you pay for it...


2 Battlekat Remixes!!


Get em both from Soundcloud while they are still hot!
Into The Forest (Remix - DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND) by Battlekat

He Didn't Want A Love Song (DREAMTRAK DIAMOND SOUND) by Battlekat