Monday, 8 November 2010

Some things I have recorded/mixed that you can buy!

I just realised I've been banging on about my remixes so much that I have failed to mention some great records that are coming your way! Records that I happened to have a hand in making. We're just in time for this first one...

Napoleon IIIrd's album "Christiania" is out TODAY and it's really quite remarkable. Entirely and painstakingly composed and put together by Napoleon at home in Holmfirth, he then decamped to Dreamtrak for a week in the summer where we recorded some overdubs with Sky Larkin and the legendary Cosmic Seb (Braindead Collective), iced the cakes, and mixed/mastered it all to perfection.

Listen to the first single "The Unknown Unknown":

You can read all about the album and order the physical mega gift pack at Brainlove Records, or of course it's on all those places like iTunes, Amazon and so on. GET IT NOW before you don't know what anyone is talking about when they talk about it.

Zun Zun Egui's second EP "Kass To La Sènn" is out on 6th Dec and was recorded by myself, a marvellous chap called Norris and the band at Alma Vale Studio in Bristol - then mixed by me at Dreamtrak. That was ages ago - but now you can get it, at last! Have a listen to one of the tracks at their myspace (because myspace's new embed player doesn't work, surprise surprise), and while you're listening, pre-order the 12" from norman records... and then have a look at us recording it here:

Jam On Bread's album was recorded and mixed in a day at Dreamtrak, and the deluxe CD edition includes my remix of "Let Jason Donovan Do The Talking"! You can pre-order that from Team Strike Force HERE or get the downloads off iTunes or Amazon etc!

Hear "Let Jason Donovan Do The Talking" in session at Dreamtrak below (somehow we managed to fit this in on the same day we recorded the album....!)

Jam On Bread - Jason Donovan

Also incase you missed it, I recorded and mixed another B-side for Foals - "The Forked Road" was on the 7" of "Miami" which you can get at the Foals shop HERE.

Here's a video of us recording it at their house in Oxford.

some stellar youtube user comments on that one.

phew, what a lot of CONTENT that was huh?

You can read a slightly-out-of-date page of info about Dreamtrak Studios HERE (will update soon promise)