Wednesday, 7 July 2010

recording Foals

it looked a bit like this!

recording The Forked Road

but with less contrast obvs.

'The Forked Road' is the B-side on '7" B' of Foals' ace new single 'Miami', which is out this week - get it here!

download the DREAMTRAK TEETH remix!


My remix of 'See Spaces' by TEETH is available to download!

First up on Snipe, which is an awesome culture newspaper - it's not only great on the internet, but also available everywhere on an actual thing called paper! Amazing. The remix is on their Soundcloud page where it's had over 450 plays in the last 4 hours... :O

They say "His refined sensibility is put to great use here, slowly building the intensity into a euphoric blowout that sounds something like The Knife turned up to eleven." :D :D

The mix is also up on High Voltage, and they very kindly say "This remix comes from Dreamtrak, who can count Gaggle, Foals and, another HV fave, Internet Forever amongst their CV. You might say these acts are somewhat unremixable, yet Dreamtrak's background in recording and mixing for the likes of Zun Zun Egui and Youthmovies shows an ability to pick melodies and enhance them."

and they also give the label a mention - "the italo-disco flavoured 'Meltdown' by Valerio Loveland, points to the inspiration behind 'See Spaces' blissed out balearic feel"

You can buy the Valerio Loveland 12" HERE or get it from iTunes or eMusic or Amazon.