Sunday, 6 June 2010

new (plural)

Just got back from Dundee with A Scholar and A Physician - we were working with Chicks On Speed in preparation for their exhibition at the DCA, which runs from now until 8th August.

Steve and I did a bunch of soundtrack and effects work for the video projections, and then appeared live during the opening performance, playing some custom synths built into cigar boxes that CoS created. It was ace! You can read more about the preparations at the CoS blog.

Also I'm doing some exciting DREAMTRAK remixes at the moment - just finished TEETH and Pagan Wanderer Lu so hopefully you can hear those soooon, and about to start work on mixes for Silver Columns and Bodebrixen! I updated the clunky dinosaur that is myspace so you can hear some, but also there's also some up on the fb fan page in a much prettier soundcloud player.

Next up I'm recording some new tracks with Foals, which, all being well, will end up as B-sides to forthcoming singles. I'll try and keep you posted as it's happening, if I get a spare moment inbetween recording and sleeping that is.