Wednesday, 19 May 2010

David G Cox - Press (so far!)

Edit! More reviews added...

"a wonderfully inspired debut full of depth and wonderful performances"

"a very well crafted and sobering first album"

"A fine, individual effort"

"Brilliant stuff. Gruff, distinctive and ridiculously charming this will have you in knots and reaching for the nearest bottle of, well, anything."

Music OMH
"Folk, blues and country combine into a unique blend that only far more experienced bluesmen could carry off, while world-weary lyrics showcase his emotional maturity... a worthy debut of astonishing calibre"

In The News - 9/10

"it is plainly obvious this is indeed a pretty special album"

I Heart AU
"There’s depth and variety in this album to keep drawing you back"

The Music Fix
"rich and intriguing"

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