Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas TOTP - Winners and Losers...

... based entirely on their efforts to embrace the season:

La Roux - 10/10 (elf theme, hat made of quality street and notable christmas pudding costume - plus my dad thought she was a man, which should be enough reason for the BBC to reinstate TOTP)
Muse - 10/10 (all out christmas costumes and santa dancers)
Robbie WIlliams - 6/10 (fake snow)
Sugababes - 4/10 (christmas song, yes, but zero costume effort)
Alexandra Burke - 3/10 (sparkly, very vague tinsel feel)
Shakira - 2/10 (interpreting giant gold earring as bauble)
Florence and The Machine - 1/10 (a begrudging "happy christmas")
Dizzee Rascal - 1/10 (red tracksuit)
The Saturdays - 0/10 (no attempt to be christmassy)
JLS - 0/10 (didn't even acknowledge christmas)
Kasabian - 0/10 (no mention of christmas)
Rage Against The Machine - 0/10 (didn't turn up)