Thursday, 6 August 2009


I've been lucky enough recently to work with some bands who I think are totally awesome, and it seems that both the INTERNET and the PRESS agree!

GAGGLE have a full page in this week's NME - exciting!

We've just finished a cracking remix for them too, hopefully you will get to hear this soooon....

INTERNET FOREVER have been all over their internet homeland this week, and in the Observer last weekend. Blimey! See them on Pitchfork and Fader and they were even on T4! (nb, this last bit is technically a lie).

We've also just finished a cracking remix for them too!!

STAIRS TO KOREA has home-made an amazing video for "Boy Bear It In Mind" which is going to be his first single in September. We mixed the single at dreamtrak, and I'm even in the video a bit!

So much excitement for one week, I can barely contain myself. Also, the new TRADEMARK record is FINISHED! OMG etc.